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The X1 has been replaced with the TDC-3.

Please visit the TDC-3 site for details.

X1 with V-Planner Live

V-Planner Live (14K)

X1_onwrist_sml (6K)
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*Genuine VPM-B and VPM-B/E in a full dive deco computer.

*OC, CCR, 10 mixes each, and two bailout tables of 5 mix each.

*Separate bailout calculations with different model and conserve settings.

*Calculates all types of Nitrox, Trimix, TriOx, HeliOx, PO2 and fixed point CCR and NDL limits.

*No lockouts or Use Table errors. Easy to follow graphics and ceiling limits.

*Options for extended stops, direct ceiling mode, adjust last stops.

*Full dive logging, big text modes, built in dive simulator, warnings and watches.

*Includes back up table maker and gas volume predictions.

*Includes a digital magnetic compass display.

*Instant updates over the internet - done in 5 minutes at home with the supplied USB attachment.

V-Planner Live screen shots

Ascending up to swap the mix
and holding a stop.

Diver on bottom with deco req'd.

deco_F-tts_1x (1K) deco_M_1x (1K)
Regular NDL dive, and a CCR dive.

ndl_32_F_1x (1K) ccr_M_1x (1K)
Various menu selections, compass.

menu_UW_choosemix_1x (1K) menu_settings_330_1x (1K)
compass_045_1x (1K) ccr_po2_cellread_1x (1K)
The Liquivision X1 is powerful dive computer. It features a bright OLED display and an inertia tap system that functions better than buttons.

V-Planner Live is a full decompression firmware program that uses genuine VPM-B and VPM-B/E for its decompression calculations. This "Live" version of the VPM algorithms will perform continuous underwater decompression calculations. V-Planner Live computes the ascent every few seconds, starting with regular NDL limits, and progressing into the decompression limits.

V-Planner Live uses the same model settings and conservatism levels design as the desktop version. If the diver plans and carries out the dive in exactly the same manner as planned, then the dive run times are a perfect match. Or the diver can choose to do a multilevel, or just wander around as he/she feels like. In all cases, the ascent is re-calculated continuously every few seconds, and the latest ascent limitations are displayed.

How to get the X1 and V-Planner Live?

NOTE: The X1 is no longer being manafactured. The final production run was mid 2014. There might still be a unit or two left in dealers stock at this time.

Visit Liquivision.com to locate your regional dealer and purchase your X1. Then return here and download V-Planner Live, purchase your license and registration for the V-Planner Live program. Install the V-Planner Live and in 5 minutes - you're ready to go diving with genuine VPM-B or VPM-B/E in the best dive computer on the market.

********* WARNING / DISCLAIMER *********
  The author and HHS Software Corp do not warrant that this program accurately reflects the Varying Permeability Model algorithms, or that it won't get you bent or dead, or that it will produce safe, reliable results. This dive schedule is experimental and you use it at your own risk. Diving in general is fraught with risk, and decompression diving adds significantly more risk. Deep diving utilizing multiple gasses, including helium, or rebreathers is about as risky as it gets. V-Planner and the decompression schedules it produces are tools for experienced mixed-gas decompression divers ONLY. If you have not been properly trained in mixed-gas decompression diving by an internationally recognized technical certification agency and/or don't have a firm handle on decompression planning and mixed-gas diving, then DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE.