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The X1 has been replaced with the TDC-3.

Please visit the TDC-3 site for details.

MultiDeco-X1 brings tech diving to the Liquivision's X1 computer. The features are:

MultiDeco-X1 (14K)

Ascending up to a stop / CCR at depth
tostops_F_1x (1K) ccr_M_1x (1K)
Select a mix, PO2 display.
menu_UW_choosemix_1x (1K) ccr_po2_cellread_1x (1K)
Aninmated screen showing PO2 options
and screen chocies
ccr Anim
1K arrow.gifSelect between genuine VPM-B and VPM-B/E, ZHL-GF and VPM-B + GFS decompression models.
1K arrow.gifOC, CCR, with 10 gas mixes each, and two bailout tables of 5 mix each.
1K arrow.gifThree concurrent calculations running with different model and conserve settings for bailout situations.
1K arrow.gifCalculates all types of Nitrox, Trimix, TriOx, HeliOx, PO2 and fixed point CCR, along with regular NDL limits too.
1K arrow.gifEasy to follow graphics and ceiling limits.
1K arrow.gifOptions for extended stops, direct ceiling mode, adjust last stops.
1K arrow.gifFull dive logging, big text modes, built in dive simulator, warnings and watches.
1K arrow.gifIncludes pre-dive planning and gas volume predictions.
1K arrow.gifDigital compass display.
1K arrow.gifX-Link ready, with several options for live PO2 displays
1K arrow.gifInstant updates over the internet, and extensive 80+ page user manual.

MultiDeco-X1 is a full decompression firmware program that uses genuine VPM-B and VPM-B/E, and Erik Baker's Gradient Factors (GF) for its decompression calculations. MultiDeco-X1 computes the ascent every few seconds, starting with regular NDL limits, and progressing into the decompression limits.

MultiDeco-X1 builds on the success of V-Planner Live, and brings more deco model choices and options to the diver. MultiDeco-X1 adds new ways to view the PO2 data and allows the diver to adjust the dive views.

How to get the X1 and MultiDeco-X1?

NOTE: The X1 is no longer being manafactured. The final production run was mid 2014. There might still be a unit or two left in dealers stock at this time.

Visit to locate your regional dealer and purchase your X1. Then return here and download MultiDeco-X1, purchase your license and registration for the MultiDeco-X1 program. Install the program and in 5 minutes - you're ready to go diving with genuine VPM-B or VPM-B/E, along with GF in the most capable dive computer on the market.

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