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Download V-Planner Live for the X1

windows (1K)  V-Planner Live for the X1
Requires Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8, Vista or 2000, and a USB port.
Mac / Linux computers: This install is required once only, and you can perform the install on a borrowed PC.

The package below will install the V-Planner Live Firmware onto your Liquivision X1 dive computer. It also includes the USB drivers and instructions on the procedures, user manual. After registration and installing of the firmware, you can be diving VPM-B and V-Planner Live in a few minutes.

Note: Do not ship the X1 back - you do this install yourself with your PC, and you should have the components to do this already (USB attachment and cable). This procedure is similar to doing a flash install of a computer BIOS or other EEPROM device.

User manual pdf user manual  Describes the V-Planner live.

V-Planner Live Divelog manager - v2.68 March 2014

  windows (1K)  Windows - All versions
  apple (1K)  Mac - OSX 10.5 and later

V-Planner Live firmware install

NOTE: Only useful for those who own an X1 - payment required.

  X1 s/n:   v4.66 - Apr 6th, 2014. (English)
X1 serial number required for firmware download. Look inside top of X1 at wrist strap fitting.

Registered users & updating older versions?  You can safely overwrite your existing version and your registration, configuration, and dive details and logs will remain intact and carry through to the new version. You will need your existing key details to install the new version.

V-Planner Live is a full version program only - there is no trial period or sample firmware.

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