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windows (1K) windows (1K) windows (1K)  MultiDeco-DR5/X for the DR5/X

Can be installed with any Windows, Mac or Linux computer with a USB.

The package below will install the MultiDeco-DR5/X Firmware onto your HeinrichsWeikamp DR5/X dive computer. It also includes the instructions on the procedures, and the user manual.
The program will install in demo mode - it will do everything and includes the simulator. The only restriction is that it will not function on an actual dive. This allows you to see and feel how this program works. If you like it, then purchase a regsitration, and it will then become fully functional.

User manual pdf user manual  Describes the MultiDeco-DR5.

MultiDeco Divelog manager - v2.67 June 2013. Download and view the dive history and export as needed.

  windows (1K)  Windows - All versions
  apple (1K)  Mac - OSX 10.5 and later
Screen color set utility - configure the screen colors to anything you desire.

  windows (1K)  Windows - All versions
  apple (1K)  Mac - OSX 10.5 and later

MultiDeco-DR5/X firmware install

Download and install this to the DR5/X. Note: MultiDeco-DR5/X can be installed in demo mode - have a look.

  v2.11 - Sep 25th, 2015. (English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech)

Registered users & updating older versions?  You can safely overwrite your existing version and your registration, configuration, and dive details and logs will remain intact and carry through to the new version. You will need your existing key details to install the new version.
You can also change back to the original DR5/X program, without loosing any details.

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