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Support for MultiDeco-DR5/DRX on the DR5/DRX

1. Install procedure onto DR5/DRX

2. Updates and new versions

3. Lost keys and passwords

4. Missing registration email / no email received

5. Dual programs, MultiDeco and original DR5/DRX together?

6. Rebooting / locked up DR5/DRX

7. Email support / contact us

8. Program update versions and history

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Install procedure onto DR5/DRX

The Install of MultiDeco-DR5/DRX at this time, is a maual command line style install. This can be done from any PC, Mac or Linux computer that has a USB connection. It takes just a few minutes to perform.

  • Save the .zip file to the desktop / hard disk

  • Plug in the DR5/DRX to the USB, and open the root folder.
    Windows: a new drive will show in the File Explorer, typically as drive E: or F:
    Mac: a new volume will appear in the Finder and on the desktop, usually with the title "NO NAME".

  • Now open the .zip file. Copy the contents from the .zip file, to the root folder of the DR5/DRX, as follows: highlight the files, then drag and drop, or use Copy and Paste.

  • Now run the install script.
    Windows: On the DR5/DRX drive, locate the file "install_md-dr5_pc" for the DR5, or the file "install_md-drx_pc" for the DRX, and double click it.

    Mac: On the DR5/DRX volume, locate the script "" on the DR5, or the script "" on the DRX, and run it as follows: open a terminal window (Applications, utilities, terminal) and type this:

       cd "/Volumes/NO NAME/"  (replace NO NAME if different - usually sn-xx or similar)
       ./  (DR5)
       ./  (DRX)

  • Now close the DR5/DRX USB connection - this will return you to the current DR5/DRX program. When upgrading from the original DR5/DRX program, you MUST press the Exit button on the DR5/DRX (do not "eject"). Once MultiDeco-Dr5 is installed, you can Eject all OK.

  • Now load the new program. From current DR5/DRX program, navigate to menu System, Upgrade firmware, confirm.

  • The DR5/DRX will blink blue and green lights, restart and MultiDeco-DR5/X should now be loaded and ready to go.

Updates and new versions The update procedure is the same as a regular install. See "Install procedure onto DR5/DRX" above. Your existing keys and registration configurations and divelogs will all survive the update. All updates are free of charge.

Lost keys and passwords Request your details again here Resend my keys / lost keys and passwords. Read the next topic on email problems. When installing the update, your DR5/DRX will normally recall your existing DR5/DRX s/n and key information.

Missing registration email / no email received

The keys are made within 5 minutes by a web server, and sent out automatically. You may request the keys to be re-sent again at Resend my keys / lost keys and passwords The mail is sent with the From: address of email address

If you do not receive the email, then you have an email filter that has trapped or deleted this email. Or your ISP or mail provider has blackholed your mail or is refusing to accept mail. Check your filtered email or Bulk or Junk folder for this. This includes any security software on your computer eg. "Norton Internet security" (this program will hide or delete your mail!).
Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo - see comments below.

Reconfigure your email filters by adding email address address to your white list, safe list, address book or other approved senders for online mail, reduce the filter level, or turn off your spam filters temporarily. Request a fresh set of details from the Lost key link above. Also try using the "plain text" option when requesting a fresh email, as this simple text format may just get past the existing email filter system.

Many ISP's and corporate networks use filter systems to trap email. These systems are normally installed and run by the mail system admin, and completely hidden from ordinary user. The purpose is to strip out the bulk of spam (75%) and protect the mail server from excess activity. These are in addition to any spam system the user has installed. If the ISP system is a cheap, over zealous, simple or free system, then it will also trap good email along with the bad. Simple systems confuse the good and bad email (false positives), and delete real email along with the junk. Some ISP's will let you inspect the quarantined mail, but many will simply delete this mail without your knowledge. The free mail services may delete it regardless of your settings.

Many free mail services (Hotmail, etc.), have become "one way" mail services. They will accept replies to your original outgoing mail, but refuse to accept fresh incoming mail from unknown people. A new senders mail to you is deleted on sight (blackholed), without warning or notification to you or the sender - the mail service just deletes it - end of story. All this occurs because the free mail service is trying to dodge spam, but they also throw out your genuine mail in the process. Getting your registration details can be difficult in these situations.

Grey-listing is a growing trend amongst ISP's. When new mail is being sent to you, your ISP deliberately refuses and rejects every piece of mail sent to you. That's right - everything is bounced back. Your ISP's mail system issues a "soft bounce" error 421, 450 or 451 - Please try again later system command. The mail was there ready for you, but your ISP refused to accept it. So what happens next? Your ISP's mail system has actually captured and tracked the sending IP or Message-Id of this delivery attempt it just refused. Later, when the senders MTA (hopefully) does try to resend that piece of mail again, the IP or message number is matched from attempts before, and the message is then received normally. Why?? The basic idea here is that real mail sending systems will queue the message and try to delever it again later, but spammers on hijacked computers will abandon the delivery attempt, and move on to spam someone else.
If your ISP does this grey listing, then all your mail will be arrive delayed to you (15 mins to a day late), and possibly never arrive. This practice is rather naive and not that effective at reducing spam. It clogs up mail delivery systems even further, and reduces the efficiency of email with no benefit to anyone.

Mail forwarding from one ISP / mail provider to another is a bad idea and should be avoided. The chance of a non-delivery or failures are greatly increased. As mail passes from one MTA to another, the messages properties of sender domain, IP's, SPF records, Rev DNS checks will no longer align correctly due to the forwarding process. You will lose a lot of mail to the forwarding process, because forwarded mail can now look to be poorly created, faked or spoofed, and the various MTA's will reject and black hole the mail.

If you are not able to solve your email problems, perhaps a free Google mail (gmail) account, or Yahoo mail may be a better solution ( ( Contact me to swap your address over.

Dual programs, MultiDeco and original DR5/DRX together?

The DR5/DRX can run only one program at a time. You can swap back and forth, by installing the other program. Your dive logs and saved config will all remain as it was. the programs do not interfere wit heach others saved data. Note: the tissue state will not transfer between the programs. Therefore you should have a break of several days to allow tour tissues to zero out and become aligned with the dive computer.

Rebooting / locked up DR5/DRX

The DR5/DRX can be rebooted using this procedure below. Use this if your unit becomes locked up. You can also remove and replace the battery to achieve the same results.

1. Plug in the USB power - either wall power or USB power.

2. Using a strong magnet, tap it on the left button, and then move it away from the DR5/DRX. Wait a few seconds and repeat the tap a second time.

3. The DR5/DRX should now reboot.

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