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V-Planner feature history
v3.99..3.100 introduced...
  • Max time planning for bailout and OC mode
  • Gas density details for bottom leg.
  • Improved printing copy paste of graphs.
  • Bug updates.
v3.97..3.98 introduced...
  • CCR bailout - add extra mins to bottom
  • Advanced config - change cell half times
v3.93 ... v3.96 introduced...
  • Improved the grid display to now show all segments in ascent.
  • Improved Supersaturation to give Time, and look at individual cell values.
  • Add image import to Plan display - import a graph from a computer log and re-plan over the top of it to align the deco plans.
  • Fixed a bunch of errors; Mac text columns, some text rounding, print formats.
v3.92 introduced...
  • Supersaturation graphing
v3.90, v3.91 introduced...
  • VPM-B/GFS (Gradient Factor Surfacing) option added - see VPM details
v3.87 to 3.89 introduced...
  • Bailout planning options, including cave type bailout.
v3.86 introduced... v3.85 introduced...
  • Windows 7 ready.
  • Backup / restore data and configuration.
v3.82 & 3.83 & 3.84 introduced...
  • Data upload from V-Planner Live
  • Smaller adjustments to some displays - all language versions.
v3.80 & 3.81 introduced...
  • Favorite gas mix lists (standard gases).
  • Windows Vista more features
  • Smaller adjustments to some displays - all language versions.
v3.74 & 3.75 & 3.76 introduced...
  • Windows Vista Vista look and feel, compatiable to new UAC conditions, and other Vista requirements.
  • Smaller adjustments to some displays - all language versions.
v3.73 introduced...
  • Inverted plan display Lists dive plans with deco at top in reversed order, prints also (right click main screen).
  • Gas volumes Gives volume used for each segment.
  • x64 Windows OS's Now runs on the x64 Windows OS.
v3.72 introduced...
  • Grid plan display Now show plans in 3 different formats - Text, Grid data, ppGraphs.
  • Edit the END, EAD, EADD titles Now set your own title to these values (see MOD panel).
  • EADD values For deep dives - calculate the Equiv. Air Density values.
  • Variable Ratio Gas Addition For RB80's and clones - added the VRGA method to existing FiO2 adjustments.
  • IrDA - Infrared data transfer Synchronize the Pocket PC and Full PC programs. Exchange diver tissue / programs states, between the PPC/Mobile and Full PC programs. Exchange Configuration settings too.
v3.70 introduced...
  • Partial pressure graphs Show you plan in terms of inspired ppInert values.
  • MOD, EAN, best mix calculator Finds the most suitable mixes or MOD of a mix. Shows EAD, END - for OC and CCR.

v3.61, 3.62 - minor changes.

v3.60 introduced...
  • VPM-B/E model variation is for exceptional, extreme, or extra long dives and exposures. This becomes effective with dives having bigger deco times - usually 1 hour deco plus. This variation provides a longer shallow section and will overlap with a basic Haldane output. The output is similar to a combined VPM-B and Haldane plan. Divers who carry out very long deco dives often prefer this combination "best of both worlds" approach to planning, and the VPM-B/E generates a plan to meet this requirement.
  • Accelerated Stops. For those wanting faster deco times on He based deco mix. This will reduce the stop times when using specific triox & heliox deco mixes. This will push your deco stop times during the weak ppO2 periods just prior to a switch onto the next mix. It requires use of O2 to finish, and is very specific on the allowable gas choices used. In short it allows the diver vary the conservatism during the deco phases, and gives a plan similar to current "faster He deco" concepts.
  • Multi Level planning has been rewritten. All prior step limitations have been removed. More consistent results between all plans.
  • Set deco gas switch points to specific depths if required. Overrides the automatic ppO2 selections in config.
  • Plan display improved. Better column alignment, reduced redundant text.
  • Printing improved into columns.
  • IBCD (Isobaric Counter diffusion) checks and warnings.
  • Tank capacity checks and warnings.
  • Tank capacity now displays in various outputs.
  • Insert descriptive labels into left column.
  • Output files shifted to "My Documents" file section, to comply with Win standards, and allow better multi user usage.
  • Individual diver layouts (dive legs and deco mixes), now loads separate details for each Diver name.
  • Excel now retains its prior state after use.
  • All known bugs fixed.

v3.41, v3.42, v3.43 - Linux version released - minor changes.

v3.40 introduced...
  • Dive profile graphs and charts. Links directly into Excel to for displaying dive profiles and raw data. Allows for custom template & chart designs.
  • Additional options in Extended stops. Now specify time additions to the gas switch stops.
  • Half time deep stops. Set the deepest stops rounding up time to half of the regular stop time - makes a smoother transition into the deeper stops.
  • Altitude calibration to your depth meter. Matches the program output to your depth meter's calibration.

v3.32 - Bug fixes for trial period problems, Gas mixer improvements.

v3.30 introduced...
  • Turn pressure / gas matching calculator. Create special formula to find turn pressures for any dive condition.
  • Layouts - save and load the layout of dive plans.
  • END and EAD values.
v3.22 - Bug fixes for install onto WinXP, Win95 compatibility, VPM model selection problems.

v3.20 introduced...
  • Extended stops for any depth and gas switch options.
  • New "clean up" air breaks options
  • SCR inspired mix fiO2 adjustments. Set the fsO2 vs fiO2 rates across the whole dive, and V-Planner will adjust inspired mix accordingly.
  • SCR and OC planning inside CCR plans for bail outs.
v3.10 introduced...
  • New More / Less planning option using changes to the bottom mix. Have a backup plan when the dive shop doesn't quite make the mix as requested. Or experiment to find which mix best suits the dive for run times.
  • Occasional program lockup bug problem found and fixed.
  • Bug fixes for all plans in the deeper sections. Some plans had a wobble in the timing for the initial stops.
v3.02 & 3.03 - Bug fixes for multi level planning, SCR descents with multipile planning.

v3.00 introduced...
  • The new VPM-B model. It generates realistic plans over a very wide range of proven dives, and it does this naturally without any fudgeing or modifiers to the model.
  • Oxygen window affect for extended stops. Program now checks for conditions after extended stops and may eliminate a stop or two following an extended stop at a high ppO2.
  • Sequential file numbering. Right click on the front screen, and select Sequential files. File numbering starts at AA through to ZZ and is appended to file name.
  • For KISS style rebreathers. SCR descent to bottom option. SCR ascent to first stop option.
  • Additional monitoring for CC dives when depth / setpoint exceeds natural ppO2 of diluent.
  • Separate Last stop depths (OC and CC) for better control of CCR bailouts, or OC supplemented deco.
  • More choices in deco max ppO2.

Mobile v3.30
  • Improve bail out planning
  • Update to MS Mobile OS 6.53
Mobile v3.25 & 3.26 & 3.27
  • Now includes all Mobile devices (SmartPhone and Pocket PC).
  • General tidy up of various features.
Pocket PC v3.10 to v3.24
  • Major update - bring up config items to same as state Full PC version, VPM-B/E, improved user data saving, and interface. IrDA data exchange with full PC program. Mobile 5.0 and 2003 S/E builds.
Pocket PC v3.00
  • Initial release for ARM, MIPS, SH3, x86 in 2000 and 2002.