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  • Accurate to within 1°C ITT, 0.1% torque or 0.1% Ng.
  • Uses the same chart & test procedure that's in flight manuals.
  • Helps eliminate non standard test procedures.
  • Just enter the instrument readings, and Power Check does the rest.
Trend graph
This graph shows the ITT plot over five different power checks.  This aircraft had a problem at around 4700.0 hours.  The bleed valve was changed and the engine's performance returned to normal.

Power Check calculated these results directly from the instrument readings.  The aircrew performs the test in accordance with the flight manual procedure, the instrument values are typed in, and Power Check calculates and graphs a result.  Check out the online preview, or download an evaluation version of the program.

CalculationPower Check scans the test data and rejects any tests that are outside limits, and wont accept tests that appear to have been done differently from the flight manual procedure. Power Check also warns if the result plots off the chart, or into a bleed valve section. The program takes into account all the variations in power check test procedure required by the flight manual for such things as airspeed of test, engine air inlet style, or in some cases an OAT adjustment. These are often overlooked by crews in the field.

Power Check can work with just about any turbine powered helicopter.  Check out which airframes are currently available.  New aircraft can be added on request.

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