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Airframes & engines included in Power Check.

Power Check can be configured to work on just about any turbine engine helicopter. The current airframe & engine combinations are as follows;

Single engine helicopters Twin engine helicopters
B407 C47B - -
B205 T53-13B, -17A, -17B - -
B206 C20, C20B/J, C20R2-4 B212 PT6T-3, 3B, 3DF
B206L-1,3,4 C20R2-4, C28B, C30P B412 PT6T-3B, 3BE, 3D, 3DE, 3DF
MD500 C20B, C20R B222 750-C1
MD520N C20R2-4
MD530 C30P AS355 F1/2, N C20F, C20R, Arrius 1A
AS350B 1B SA365C1 1A1
AS350BA 1B, LTS-600, C30M AS365N 1C
AS350B1 1D BK117 650-B1, 750-B1, 850-B2, 1E2, 1E2-C2
AS350B2 1D1, LTS-700D2 BO105 C20B
AS350B3 2B, 2B1, 2D EC135 2B1, 2B2
AS350D C30M - -
EC120B 2F - -
EC130 2B1, 2D - -
AW119 PT6B-37A - -
EN480B C20W - -
SA315B B3 - -
Is your airframe or engine missing from this list? Would you like it included in Power Check? Please email us for details on how to include new aircraft into Power Check.
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